riddle me this
how does a white supremacist, I mean racist, I mean terrorist,
kill ten innocents
and walk away without a scratch?
how is  he apprehended peacefully
after posting a live stream of his terrorist crime 
and why did it take 120 seconds of time
to shut it down so that the end of these beautiful lives
weren't televised for the world to see?
how was he allowed to plead 'not guilty'
and charged with a single count of murder
when there are ten lives lost and hundreds more devastated?
all because he hated, no HATES, us so much
he sealed the fate of wives, husbands, sisters, cousins, brothers, fathers and mothers. 
all lives matter until it's the life of a person of color.
some of you won't even bat an eye,
but I will honor the people who lost their lives:
Aaaron Salter - retired cop and security guard
Ruth Whitfield - beloved wife and mom 
Pearly Young - ran a local food pantry every Saturday without fail
Kathryn Massey
and six more who remain unnamed. 
we will continue to SAY THEIR NAMES
and will not stop until these individuals 
and Black and Brown people as a collective see justice

you only care when it's you.
you don't give a damn when it's about us. 

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