mood, forever

TW: racial language

we were your nigger.
your colored.
your nightskin. 


valued not by who we are at our core
but for what we could do

you freed us
but we have never been free
you see us 
but you really don't see
you hear us
but there's a cognitive dissonance
that you sprinkle with pretty little lies
so that it's sweeter on the tongue

you kill our young
you kill our men
you abuse our women 
to you, we have always been less than

you exploit our strength 
our will 
our pride
you manipulated us 
knowing we will always do 
what we need to survive

we built our own empire
and true to form 
you set it on fire, once again 
dismantling the legacies that could have been
for our future kings and queens
all because you'd rather see us struggle
than simply let us be

we took back the words
made them our own 
our connection to the Motherland severed
before we ever got the chance to learn who
we are and where we come from 
but still, we found a way to perservere 
recreated a culture you tried to steal
the irony
the contradiction
in hating my people 
but taking everything that IS
our definition

lyrical tongue
you look at us thriving
loving and living greatly
and appropriate our essence
like there was a sign on our back that said 

I wonder when you will realize,
we are forever. 
and because of that hatred 
you hold in your heart
we will always be 

** a love note to our allies: I appreciate your unwavering support and your willingness to be educated on the Black experience. I appreciate you taking the time to hear our stories and face the hard truths about your privilege. Most importantly, I appreciate you using your platforms and your voice to teach others what you’ve learned. The shift has been slow, but it is happening nonetheless. You are a part of that shift – thank you

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