cultural PTSD

I've never had anxiety but I imagine it would besimilar to this feeling that consumed me as I walked up to the grocery store and then stopped because the only thought running through my mind was 'is today the day that I'll be shot'feeling forced to look my kids in the eyesand tell them sugar... Continue Reading →


riddle me this how does a white supremacist, I mean racist, I mean terrorist, kill ten innocents and walk away without a scratch? how is he apprehended peacefully after posting a live stream of his terrorist crime and why did it take 120 seconds of time to shut it down so that the end of... Continue Reading →

mood, forever

TW: racial language we were your nigger. your colored. your nightskin. dehumanized disparaged denigrated valued not by who we are at our core but for what we could do for you. you freed us but we have never been free you see us but you really don't see you hear us but there's a cognitive... Continue Reading →

Happy Women’s History Month!

Stepping into this new month, I hope the last 28 days were filled with growth, light, and love! March is a celebration of women throughout our history that have helped shape the foundation our excellence is built on. Over the next 31 days, we will pay homage and honor the beautiful black and brown women... Continue Reading →

x Bri Stokes x Hecate Magazine x

Who is Bri Stokes: Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Bri is a true product of her environment - a beautiful amalgam of the spirited single mother and effervescent grandparents that raised and helped mold her into the woman she strives to be every day. For as long as she can remember, Bri... Continue Reading →

x Dreia x Mpenzi Tundae Doula x

Healthcare professionals are some of the most heroic and essential individuals across the world, but it is no secret that black and brown people are at a disadvantage when it comes to the level of care provided to us. Every moment from the first time you hear your baby's heartbeat through pregnancy, childbirth, and the... Continue Reading →

Cami x Sage x $10k Challenge x

From the moment I laid eyes on the colors and the art riddled among the pages of The $10k Challenge, I knew it was something that BIPOC-LGBTQIA+ people needed to see. To have black women of all colors and identifiers represented in this book geared towards our financial wealth and health is a huge win... Continue Reading →

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